Laser Etching Services

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Laser etching is a process by which a beam of light is focused on the surface of the material to remove the top layer of the material; no depth, just a surface etch. Omega offers one of the most impeccable laser engraving services in the industry. The laser bed is 48” wide x 96” long x 16” tall.

Some materials can be filled with color in the lased area. The marks are permanently changing the color of the surface material not applying a layer of color that can come off over time. Laser etching does not reduce the strength of the item. Laser etching makes products, parts and components easy to identify.

Laser Etching Materials

Acrylic, anodized aluminum, wood, leather, glass, corian, granite, stone, stainless steel and more.

*Materials we have not tested may require a sample to ensure quality and compatibility.

** Some materials cannot be etched because they put off a toxic chemical or our current laser doesn’t reach optimal temperatures to mark: PVC, Brass, Copper.


Signage, tags, office/nameplates, awards, gifts, art, decoration, memorials